Brian D. Johnston
"Cast not pearls before swine," Jesus
Brian Johnston specializes in the area of spinal rehabilitation, bodybuilding, and athletic strength training.  He has worked with national and international-caliber athletes.  He is the developer of the Zone Training and Tri-Angular Training methods. 
He has authored over 20 books on the subject of exercise and nutrition science, is a contributor to the Merck Medical Manual, and has written for various magazines, including Ironman and Olympian News.  He has lectured internationally and has worked in various judging capacities, including the IFBB and MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer. 
  • Founder and previous owner/Director of Education for the IART Fitness Certification Institute (
  • Author of 20 books dealing with exercise science, nutrition and rehabilitation (developed for the IART) 
  • Contributing author of the Merck Medical Manual (exercise and rehabilitation chapters) and the book Maximize Your Training (Masters Press) 
  • Contributor to the magazine Ironman 
  • Contributor to Olympian News magazine 
  • Contributor and editor of the magazines FITT Health Journal, Adrenaline, Exercise Protocol, and X-ercise Files 
  • International lecturer on exercise science (Canada, USA, Italy) 
  • Developer of the Zone Training and Tri-Angular Training methods 
  • Past fitness clinician (rehabilitation) with Dr. Robert Kudlak, North Bay, ON 
  • Strength and conditioning coach for Terry Witzu (Masters World Boxing Champion) and Ron Hache (Canadian record set for Fireman Challenge) 
  • Co-designer of the Pendulum multi-station exercise machine 
  • Past judge for MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer competition 
  • Past city and regional judge for Ontario Bodybuilding Association 
  • Specializing in physical rehabilitation since 1995 with exclusive MedX medical exercise machines for the lumbar spine, thoracic spine and the cervical spine 


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