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One Hour of High Intensity Strength Train is all you need to keep healthy - The Fitness Industry has Scammed you!

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Keeping inline with UnGuru blowing out every scam, in-coming is the entire Fitness Industry! Fitness came about as Humanity was pressured to eat more, work less, and a general “dumbing down” of humanity. 400 years of genetic modification and narcissism training, fitness was born.


To stay fit, living a very long life doesn’t require a gym membership. One day a week, for one hour is all you need to stay fit, along with a healthy mind set and proper nutrition. As humanity returns to their own minds and bodies, taking care of yourself is not a job you have to worry about all the time. High Intensity Strength training once a week and you can have that body you wish for. Amazing how fooled we all have been. 

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