Buffy LeAnn

Stop Expecting "You" From People

I have so much love to give people.
I am learning to balance my world, too.

Buffy has acquired a 3 degree in Intuitive Wiccan Tradition. Buffy also has a tremendous amount of customer service and people skills with a strong gift of perceiving what others need. With intuition as her guide and working from her highest self, she seeks to help others in anyway available in her skillset.


Buffy takes knowledge and sees it as the most valuable tool with 30 years dedicated to lectures from people in the fields of; psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, archaeology, architecture, physics, anthropology, occult, hermetics, ancient civilizations and cultures, natural medicine, sociology, biology, women’s mysteries, aromatherapy, DNA Haplogroups, Genealogy and more. Sadly, a lot of Buffy’s books, research and notes have been lost, stolen or damaged by water.

Buffy is a seasoned Tarot card collector and has read in great success since 2001. Her literary studies and library is extensive. I have thinned it out over the years to where she now has around 400 left which she plans to one day turn into a library for others to enjoy and grow.


If titles where to be required for her accumulation of experiences they could be applied with confidence as follows; Tarot Oracle, Eclectic Ritualist, Occult Researcher, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Shamanic Drummer, Red Tent Facilitator, Unpublished Writer and Abstract Artist.


As Assistant Producer for UnGuru, Shoppe Manager, Buffy spends her time blowing out all the scams in Occult, Mysticism and bringing forth the knowledge in how to determine those authentic from the fake.

Low Dose-High-Vibe