Buffy LeAnn
Stop Expecting "You" From People
I have so much love to give people.

I am Assistant Executive Producer for UnGuru Your Life. As a master Aromatherapist and Mead Brewer, I have honed my skills into making custom products that are chemical free and sourced for my clientele. When it comes to healing, detoxing it is all about sourcing, lab tests, knowing which farms to trust, as well as Kosher certifications. 


Degreed in philosophy and occult educations, I was unable to be fooled into believing; “Unicrons, Gaia, Space Aliens, Starseeds, Archons, Q, or any other conspiracy theories, “mumbo jumbo”, or snake oil salespeople.


My fields of expertise include; psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, archaeology, architecture, physics, anthropology, occult, hermetics, ancient civilizations and cultures, natural medicine, sociology, biology, women’s mysteries, DNA Haplogroups, Genealogy and more.


As Assistant Producer for UnGuru. and UnGuru’s Shoppe Manager, our shoppe is fully vetted with lab tests so our members know they can trust anyone they are buying from.


Grocery Stores are off limits when you can buy from accredited and lab tested farms in your area. Knowing the farms in your region that provide lab tests is best.


Also, know when you service any restaurant don’t be afraid to ask; where they source their food from, if they have lab tests, what do they cook with, what are you sitting on, what utensils and glasses are you really drinking out of.


With everything entirely poisoned it is very important to do your due diligence when servicing restaurants, bars or any product maker. It is not that you can not indulge once in awhile but the level of toxins in everything, one must keep to “once in awhile”.


I am very determined in making sure our community knows reality, feels comfortable within those we vet for retail. My interactive productions within UnGuru cover various topics from the Occult to “WTF”. I take the mysterious out of why, how our communities became insane, and why people have turned entirely narcissistic. 

Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread