Caprice Jacobson

Caprice Jacobson

"It takes considerable knowledge to realize the extent of your own ignorance"~Thomas Sowell

I have been in practice for over 12 years and Jacobson has yet to lose a case he has helped his clients prepare for. “What really strikes me is how adults all over the world allowed this world to become so corrupt and damaged while leaving this mess for our generation (Generation X) to be handed the bag of destruction,” Jacobson says.


After Jacobson’s brother was gunned down at Columbine, he made it his mission to put all his efforts into obtaining a law degree from Yale. Jacobson dropped from Yale Law School in 2015 due to the lack of leadership, justice in any institution worldwide, a failed system, and corruption within every community organization and tax-paying entity.


“I had enough of the lies within all political parties, the corrupt in all our communities, the sham within the educational systems, and the tax dollars we spend on genocide.” “The modern day 60’s agendas that swung back around were about all I could stand,” Jacobson states.


Jacobson set out to represent victims of the corrupt system by helping to keep people out of the “Prison for Profit” system, preparing documents and educating clients to represent themselves in what Jacobson describes as “money laundering humans in our worldwide justice systems”.


A married father of four, Jacobson spends his free time attending to his family, where they enjoy sailing, music, and a small circle of friends. They enjoy homeschooling their children to build futures for themselves without societal programming.

Membership is required for my services due to the mission and vision of UnGuru. My loyalty and gratitude for the monumental work that their worldwide staff has placed into this platform. It is called “loyalty”. Sadly, most adults today have no idea what that word “loyalty” means.


Currently, I am working on our own association in Colorado to train and or join with non-BAR member attorneys, document preparers, and pro se litigants.


All laws vary in wording and will invariably change when a case precedent is set to hold them accountable. The sociopaths that obtain case precedent then find altering ways to lure people in to continue to harm the public within their own communities, which then echoes worldwide.


Each state or region has varying processes for discharging your debt and structuring your businesses and households properly into full ownership. My firm is constantly keeping up on the changing laws to make sure we can combat the BAR members, unscrupulous corporations, and tax-paying agencies that have harmed the public.


“Once you’re in the private sector and living your life legally, your goal should be to avoid corporations and governmental organizations that continue to harm people. Your character will be defined by ethics, character, and remaining debt free while operating an ethical business or working for an ethical company,” Jacobson states.

I have no tolerance for Divide-Conquer by race, fake narrative, or people who have little understanding of character, let alone personal responsibility as an adult.
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