Chad Williams
The Consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one, seek unity and that is love’ – Nisargadatta Maharaj
A little bit of light, the right action in healing yourself to remember who you are.

Let us explore the age-old question of what life is. Why are we here? Is there a god? Are we alone? Is there something hidden from us?


What significance do numbers hold? Words? Shapes? What are things hidden in logos, slogans, and names? What’s going on? Looking back on ancient civilizations and technology, was there a reset? Did giants exist? Did Gods walk among us? Is there an inner earth? What are you? Are you a god?


Do movies hold more profound meanings? Is our natural history been given to us as a story via Mythology, Legend, and Film? I don’t claim to hold all the answers I have found, but I have more to see, just like you. I wish to have an equal exchange on subjects I bring forth as to what I may have missed. Together, we can come closer to completing the puzzle, the mysteries of life. 

History is a lie Why they sticking out they tongue ? Telling us them lies on the tv am I wrong and terrorizing people. It’s time to unveil the corrupt all around us by looking at their “Gang Signs”, and walking away.  


To combat all the darkness in the world that’s stealing light It’s time to find the god inside and bring him through the heart because we coming to the end but the end be the start.  

With all the people out chasing jewels clothes and cars; they wanna be so famous and walk among the fucking stars? No purpose from generations of poison. Thus, an entire world turning on their friends and family in every community worldwide. 


We’re brothers and we’re sisters! YEAH! I feel it in my heart. I feel the hearts around me looking for a home, not a “Tribe or a Commune”, just a place to be true to their hearts.  It’s time to take your power back, if hasn’t gone too far Our power has been taken away through poisons, hidden, veiled, shrouded in the dark. 

Who Is Chad?

I was born in the UK in 1990. The only part of the ensemble that is from the UK and also its youngest member, giving you an insight into a millennial’s perspective.


Having been brought up by my grandad’s parents this is counteracted with a mature, wiser approach. I am a support worker working with people in need and with substance misuse. I have a background In social sciences and gained a degree in Criminology – dealing with criminal behavior. I’ve always been a spiritual person but at the age of around 25 I had an ‘awakening’, this awakening made me see all is one. I found the true me, the god within.


I saw the matrix and how we are all connected, how we have forgotten who we are and lost our power, how society and governments have lied about this, your true nature, and also lied about the history and programmed you to become dependable on state, a consumer in their market, they pray on your ego and its desires, wants and also fears.
By controlling the ego, you take control back of yourself and your life. I am also a trained mental first aider, I’ve gone through a lot in my life and attempted to understand people from their perspective, and I lost my mom on my 30th Birthday and went through a lot as a child.


I’m here to help with past trauma, self-help – controlling and dealing with the ego, dealing with grief and death, finding the god within, and mastering yourself.


Second I have a deep love for movies and TV shows, although they are part of the problem, they also show and give insights into what’s happening in the world, I often decode movies and TV shows. I have watched nearly every notable movie from 1980 in all genres and languages. Movies often hold subliminal messages and relate to the occult and how this affects our daily lives, not only currently but also past and future events that will or have taken place, giving you hints of the truth. The truth seems to have been shattered into a million pieces and spread across all media, in our music, in our stories, and in our movies.


The reason I am joining UnGuru is up until this point I have been spreading a message and attempting to help people alone, via my YouTube channel Deeper Conversations With Chad. To join a community of like-minded people sharing a similar message is important. I see us all as brothers and sisters, some more lost than others, coming together with fellow brothers and sisters, who have found themselves, to help those in need is my main priority in life. I have a message to share and Unguru is a platform to help me share that message, in a secure safe environment. A private members club which offer a huge variety of life skills, in all areas, a huge amount of knowledge combined to give you a better standard of living, like me maybe you felt alone, but there are others out there just like you, come join a family of like-minded people. We are waiting.

‘You are not the body. You are not your brain, not even your mind. You are spirit (Many Names).; All you have to do is reawaken to the memory, to remember.’ – Brian Weiss