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Melanie Beres is a married mother of four. Upon graduation from high school in 1987, she received a chess scholarship. Instead of going to college, she started the Midwest Rock Opera Company (MiROC) in 1991, which became award-winning, and recognized worldwide.


Beres has worked with many arts and media industry professionals and authored and produced an original rock opera still in rotation today. MiROC focused on many societal issues and their solutions, empowering women on stage and behind the scenes.


Beres has been in the media arts for over 30 years, served on several ThinkTanks domestically and worldwide. Beres served as the youngest president of the oldest women’s networking organization, BPW, for two terms and as a two-term president of the Association of Women in Communication.


Beres cut her teeth within Combat and Investigative Journalism from 2003-2017, additionally completed two tour of combat photojournalism which was a tipping point to realizing everything has been set up for failure by those we know and live around.Ā 


Beres credits Wisconsin Woman, where she was Arts and Entertainment Editor, as the inspiration for founding her first publication, CityGal Magazine, whose goal was to end relational aggression, otherwise known as “female-to-female” hate, as the root cause of women’s inequality. CityGal Magazine was a prominent supporter of the Ophelia Project, the Women’s Fund, Cream City Foundation, and COA Youth and Family Centers.


Beres continues as one of the most sought-after consultants and freelancers in the media arts, particularly in the notable literary and entertainment areas. Beres holds memberships in the National Press Club, the National Broadcasting Association, BCorp, and the American Women’s News Club. She is a force in defending real journalism and journalists and promoting ‘Pacifism” as a way to restore worldwide peace through education of civics and common law.

CitiGal Magazine, Milwaukee, WI. 2006-2014, focused on empowering women, drawing awareness away from “Feminist BS”, focusing on “Relational Aggression-Female-to-Female” hate as the direct cause of Women’s inequality. – Click HereĀ

There comes a point & time when we
have to say; ā€œEnough harm on our world,
young families & youthā€!
That time is now!

As the founder of a worldwide broadcast network, UIBN, Beres hopes to inspire the public to turn off the noise and understand the differences within media genres. Calm people to be the change they wish to see within themselves and their communities by restoring ‘everyday” voices’ encouraging volunteerism in communities, promoting autonomous health for youth and young families, and advocating for Pacifism.



Beres spends her free time with her family and a small circle of friends and helps the homeless back into life. Her family foundation, where young families are mentored to become self-sufficient by giving them affordable housing, jobs, health, and financial education, the chance to found, and pursue their businesses, homeschool their children as they see fit, as well as encouraged to become homeowners, is just one of her many passions. As a strong proponent for autonomy, and freedom, Beres has a strong sense of realism, is not politically correct, and fully understands reality.Ā 


Humor is her best friend within the “New Normal,” as well as respecting individual boundaries.

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