Darren Orr

"I am a son, a brother and believer".

Darren Orr has been working with the brightest minds in the natural health field for the past 15+ years. 


Orr has worked with and educated both patients and professionals on the most innovative and unique products and modalities to support the body in doing what it was designed to do naturally. 


With a degree in media production and film from the Art Institute of Atlanta, Darren has great enthusiasm for photography and piloting rotary craft in North GA. Peer mediation was an elective within his education in which he found that helping people with their physical, mental, and emotional health would be a big part of his life!  


After working with many practitioners in bioenergetics and frequency work, he opened KO Gardens to help even more people stay off the “product pushers”, maintain balance,  a healthy life within the 80/20 rule.

Join Orr for his show and oratory educations called “Healthy Huddle Live”. Monthly, notable doctors and experts within the health and environmental fields will share educations and topics related to easing the mind within all the health-based and environmental scares, dispel scam selling. “You don’t need a lot to detox, eat well or have a healthy life. The tipping point to all disease is oxidative stress”, Orr states. 


Orr and guests will be doing “deep-dives” into explore healing from dirty wife and environmental sickness syndrome and much more.

“Healthy Huddle Live” is devoted to sharing much needed health knowledge and experience from around the world. From health professionals in their field to you and your family, Healthy Huddle Live will provide a comfortable space for its viewers to interact with our fireside chats discussing a range of interesting topics you want to know about. 


This information will be helpful for air/water purification, health and wellness modalities that change lives, family health knowledge, professional health care products and services, and much more! No polarized opinions, no politics, just good conversation with great people.

Low Dose-High-Vibe