Dmytro Panchenko

"There is so much more to life that feeling sorry for yourself. Everyday is a chance to learn something new"

I’m a Ukrainian artist currently living in Poland.
Inspired by the Masters of European Art History as well as from the Renaissance and the Roman frescoes and mosaics, I developed my personal style. My research analyses the essence of painting in order to blend together different techniques from different periods in a unique artwork. My artistic practice wants to push the boundaries of painting further, for this reason I have refined my research toward abstractions. Abstract painting allows me to concentrate on the very basis of painting such as colours and shapes and it gives me the possibility to mix together multiple styles, for example suprematism and action painting. In my work there is also a mystic and religious component linked with my deepest emotions that drove me to painting in the first place.

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Icon Madonna and Child Painting

Saturn atmosphere Painting

Low Dose-High-Vibe