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Evan the Biz, Mind Your Biz is a hub for all things business... brought to you by Evan "The Biz" "Mind your biz" isn't just a command to bud out; it's the thing you should do as an entrepreneur. Tend to your business, get your affairs in order, take care of what you need to succeed!​

Evan “The Biz” is the founder of a multi-million dollar pandemic solution company. Throughout his life, he’s created over $50 million in business revenue as a serial entrepreneur. He’s a business mogul in various fields, including: E-commerce, digital marketing (branding/advertising), real estate (flipping/developing), manufacturing, inventing/patents, film/TV/music & business consulting. Evan created a million dollar business during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic when most businesses were tanking.

He used that success to immediately give back to charity, all while scaling a startup. He has stories for days, including patenting/inventing an iPhone accessory and building a full-service commercial film facility. He has used his tact and wit to successfully tap into the inner circles of celebrities and large scale companies. Some of his clients include: Hilton, Marriott, Coca-Cola, Purina, iHeartRadio, NFL, Bed, Bath & Beyond, The U.S. Marines & Air Force, 100+ universities & school districts, and Boeing Airlines.

There’s more in store with Evan. He’s a multimedia host/producer featuring A-list guests and Fortune 500 CEOs on his productions. Evan is an inventor/patent holder of an Apple iPhone accessory. He is one of the leaders in sanitizing/disinfecting manufacturing.

And last but not least, Evan is a philanthropist, giving donations to various charitable causes, among them: breast cancer, children’s education, minority development, women empowerment, myeloma research, homelessness, health care, the arts, animal rescue, and COVID-19 awareness.


Evan “The Biz” is a self-made successful entrepreneur that has embraced his “New York City hustle” & out-of-the-box thinking to become a business mogul in various fields, including: e-commerce, digital marketing (branding/advertising), real estate (flipping/developing), manufacturing, inventing/patents, film/TV/music & business consulting. His podcast “Mind Your Biz” features A-list celebrity guests, Fortune 500 CEOs & experts in all industries. He also invites the audience to do one-on-one consultations for startups & businesses of all sizes, delivering his message “SUCCESS w/o BS”.

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