Jimmy Pittacus


"Wait a minute? Let me think!"

We have all been through trauma. Those of us with love and empathy in our hearts with the ability to change the world have been attacked for no reason by family and friends. True Empaths (Not New Age Liars) have a really hard time on Earth trying to figure out the hate in people. 


My Trauma set me on a course to figure out how family, friends, co-workers could be entirely evil spirited. 


I discovered worms inside the Human Host, coupled with EMF’s/Wifi’s is the reason for the evil.  When you rid yourself of the infected worms in your life, surround yourself with change makers who really care about humanity, a future world for the next generation to come, your entire life changes. 


Who am I? I don’t know! I am learning every day who I am. I am learning every day that this world is messed up because of bioweapons. 


I have created my special formula of Iodine. My mentor was Charlie McWherter, a Nuclear Engineer, Charlie was a country boy just like me. I met him in 2007 and he told me about the miracles of Iodine. 


At the time, my children kept getting sick which was also when Cell Towers seem to grow overnight in our communities as if Gremlins had erected them. I did further research of the miracles of Iodine and started giving my children Iodine, along with a few other regimens  My children were never sick again. 


By trade, I am an Environmental Engineer, a Chemist and have devoted my life to Iodine.  Emf’s/Wifi’s, Parasites, toxins are the root cause for all behavioral disorders and diseases. The meanest people are the most infected. They cluster together, too. Worms are real as the machines that control these worms inside “We”, Human Hosts. 

I have joined UnGuru because this Ensemble is the top of the line, when it comes to the reality of those in our community intentionally poisoning us. UnGuru has spent years breaking out every scammer on this planet, that I can think of.  


Together, UnGuru’s Ensemble really knows what they are talking about and care to leave a world for the next generations to come. We can really change the world by teaching one another what we have achieved, practicing fair business and stop withholding information from one another. No on should make a business out of healing biowarfare.


While healing is guided, we get by with a little love from our friends. 

Low Dose-High-Vibe