killian beres
I wish Adults Could Self Reflect, Especially BOOMERS!

The intentional attack on the human has been no accident. I went to school with Crime Syndicate’s offspring, who (were), and are entirely sociopathic young adults.


What could be worse, is the Baby Boomers (that live inside of YouTube and Television sets) knew how corrupt their communities were, they were, and didn’t give a shit about this world, as long as nothing bad happened to them and they “got theirs”.


What a way for the Boomers to exit this dimension, a crap karmic record. Millennials may be crazy but take a look around at the “Geriatric Rock Stars”, and greezy adult Boomers of this world, who destroyed our future. All blame aside, we will have plenty to talk about; “Boomer vs. Millennial”, with my mother’s generation being stuck in between the worst generations to date. Intentional poisons are to blame. Now we know. We have no more excuses.


My name is Killian Beres. I am the daughter of Melanie Beres and I am a scientist, adept at parasites in humans and animals. Animals are my specialty.


I became interested in ‘parasites’ because at age 10, although I was never vaccinated, and raised a vegetarian, I became infected with parasites from intentional bioweapons that were thrust upon my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rather than cry about the “childhood I never had”, I chose to heal, and help others in my generation do the same.

My siblings and I were raised worldly and as humanitarians. It took me 11 years to recover from parasitical bioweapons and toxins. I am still nowhere near being healthy but am gaining strength every day. It does help to have a powerful mother who never gave up on the youth.

Everything in this world humans touch was intentionally made into parasites and poisons which if you haven’t read this site to understand reality, you may very well be Transhuman already, and on your way out to a lower frequency.

If you are looking to have a parasite-free home, then I am your girl. I consult on chickens, cats, and dogs. I will educate you on how to keep your animals parasite-free, what to use, and how to get out of an infestation. Keeping your ‘fur-babies’ healthy means they can do their job to resonate with their love and handle the stressors of your day, as animals are healers, not to be eaten, tortured, or abused but to be protected by humans, as this is our job. If you are a meat eater, consider “Kosher”, and very little meat. If you like dairy the same can be said; “Kosher”.


Why Kosher? Kosher is the only accreditation that is legit! Kosher verification means there are few toxins or parasites, and the most human way to live in this world. All other labels are BULLSHIT! I guess you can now see where I got my “mouth” from also. As the “They-Thems” say; ‘the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

The intentional attack on the human has been no accident, planned by those we know in our communities that wear 'suits and ties'.
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