Mary Ellen Pride
Intuition Means Learning From Within
Life is not easy and Life was never supposed to be this hard

Born with intuitive abilities, Mary Ellen has over 40 years of experience in the divinatory arts as an astrologer, tarot reader, palmist and psychic consultant. She has a reputation for being accurate, insightful, and caring. Since 1970 she has used her psychic abilities to help others anticipate and understand life events.  

A frequent guest on radio and television programs, she was also featured in an episode of the series “Sightings.”  


Mary often receives inquiries from people who have gone to a psychic and have been told that there is a dark cloud, a negative energy, a curse, or a family curse which is affecting them. The psychic then tells the person that the “curse” can be removed but it will cost $100-$500.


Often the psychic claims that special oils or crystals are needed to remove the curse and that if the customer does not have the cleansing performed then something bad will happen to them and they will never be happy. Additionally, the person is often told that they have to come back every week.



Not All Psychics are Real!

The “psychic” then claims that more work needs to be done with the “cleansing.” People have been swindled out of thousands of dollars by this method. 


This is known as the gypsy psychic scam and has been around for decades.


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In Mary’s opinion, the person has received a scaring and not a reading. This behavior is highly unethical. Should you encounter a similar situation, walk away. Do not give them any more of your attention or your money.  


The study of one’s astrological chart can indicate if a person is going through a difficult astrological time or if they have truly been cursed. Usually it is the former. 


Do curses, hexes, and magical spells work? Yes, if done properly.  Mary has seen an increase in the use of magic over the past twenty years.


There are ways to counteract this energy.  Mary does not perform cleansing or do spells for people. However, she will tell you what to do or refer you to the proper resources.  Working with energy must come from the person and not others. Never allow anyone into your energy field you do not know, trust or have knowledge about what energy transfer can do to harm you. You  protect you, and no other. 

We are given a journey now at the most precious time