UnGuru Members Are Pacifists but resonate with conservatives only - Think thomas Jefferson.

❤️ Please Read Carefully ♥️

Please remember on your checkout page to make sure you upload your Drivers License or Passport and add your phone number to reach you (WhatsApp) if UnGuru’s Staff has questions.


If these fields are left empty, you will be automatically declined.


Please note the process from application to acceptance takes 2-3 business days.


Knowing who is on the other end of the keyboard by zip code and worldwide is a priority in protecting our members.

Having everyone vetted, fosters relief amongst our community knowing we are all caring, respectful adults, without agendas other than helping one another recover, to share our ethical businesses, share our experiences, know who to trust for everything by zip code, help one another move into the Private Peaceful (Members Only) Sectors. 


Word of Mouth is more important than ever before. 


Your background checks and personal lives are not shared with any other members, nor does UnGuru sell or share your information.


Your personal struggles are none of any one else’s business. Besides, we are all recovering from crazy. If you are here, it is because you are still human and with heart.


Welcome Home Humans! ♥️

$29.99 Initial Fee for Background Check!

$ 9
99 Monthly
  • You Know Exactly Who Is On The Other End Of The Keyboard!
  • Access To Interactive Private Broadcast Network
  • Access To Inner Social Community
  • Ability To Sell Your Services & Products (After Approval) To Our Community - Listed In Our Classfieds
  • Discounts On All Services & Products
  • Ability To Apply For Financial Support
  • Access To Classifieds
  • Access To No Go Zone People & Businesses