Rachael Elizabeth Carson-Roope

✨ Gratitude is the foundation of an abundant path

Life is real hard.
Self Love, not Selfish Love, takes time to master.
Will and Intent help!

My name is Rachel. Often misunderstood are those of us in the “mystic” arts. People think we are devil worshippers when we are Earth and Energy Worshippers that deeply care to take care of our families, communities, and our home, “The Earth”. 


The reason I joined UnGuru is we are an ensemble of practitioners, businesses that know purpose, how important this time is to help others into their own voices and back to trusting their inner energies.  



Any position of power to help the vulnerable has the most corrupt people within it. How to navigate the corrupt comes with learning to be your own healer, designer of your own destination. 


While most people may see the world ending, UnGuru  views the world as beginning, a return to the rightful owners who know purpose, carry a deep respect for boundaries. We are not in this realm to be Gurus. We are in this realm to help humans restore their own inner Guru. 

✨Once you become fearless life becomes limitless.
✨You are a rainbow of possibilities.
✨ Your life is as good as your mindset.


I am a level 3 Reiki Master. Energy work is dangerous because it is real, can be used to harm, rather than heal. If a person doesn’t know about energy work they can land into a practitioner that can take advantage of them.  


I designed my own practice called; “New Paradigm Healing”. This practice is the fundamentals of energy and quantum healing through the use of Sand Script, Sanskrit, Quantum Healing. My method is to give my client their own tools to take their own energy back without the dangers of any other energy work from another practitioner. 


Humans were born with all they needed to be their own doctors, lawyers, designers of their own destiny. 


I own a Metaphysical shop, The Purple Cauldron where I hold space for many practitioners and those learning to become whole again. 


I’ve been in hard study of learning herbs and have taken well over 330 herbal classes over a span of 7 years and that started as a passion for healing my own children and the situations they were born with.  


My children were born with Type 1 Diabetes. I have successfully been able to reduce their insulin dependencies to well less than half the required before we started my regiment. I make my own tinctures and salves. One specialty remedy is ridding MRSA with a personal recipe I created from my researching historical herbalists. 


I deeply honor the sacredness within nature and hold what I do as an honor to the people I serve and the nature spirits I work with. 


I have been teaching Hebrew for 13 years. I speak it and read it fluently. I have a form of dyslexia so reading Hebrew comes natural to me as it is written from right to left not left to right. 

Low Dose-High-Vibe