Scott Peterson

How can we think this world of poisons is o.k. for our youth?

There are no greater men to look up to than one who can rebuild himself from ashes, only to create benefits that serve everyone. 

My name is Scott Peterson. I made the mistake of acquiring a useless M.B.A. and was a corporate slave for too long before I left 15 years ago to forge my own business, which is now a seven figure ethical family run set of businesses with a foundational aspect.


I was not handed a trust fund but built myself from the ground up. It is never too late to start over until the bell tolls. Make every moment count now that you are seeing things for what they really are.


First and foremost, I am a husband (married for 30 years), a father of four grown children who are also business owners. My wife and I left the government and the systems all together shortly after 2004 when we noticed that the level of corruption in our communities, lone shooters, innocent people gunned down at community events, school shootings, children missing from their homes only to be sold into trafficking, and ritual torture ran rampant in our very own neighborhoods.


Every American and worldwide system is fully corrupt without any level of adults anywhere to be found, save a few. Yet, people are still going to “pretend to be perfect.”


The corrupt seem to be everywhere you turn and the mentally ill not far behind. We are not talking about uneducated people. We are talking about well educated people that are behind evil.


Where are the adults? It was my wife who inspired me to see how insane every day professionals have become. There was something poisoning everyone, including me. When one hits rock bottom and critical mass, things change. The systems are destroyed and the people that work in our communities that turn a blind eye and continue to fight are equally mentally ill. 

At this point and time, if anyone over the age of 35 cannot identify that there is something radically wrong, is not leading their life with health and transparency, needs another politician to save them, some savior or alien will open the door to wealth, health, and freedom, I tell people to back away.


Perhaps leaving the system was the best decision our family made. Our exit from the world meant also exiting family, friends, and anyone that no longer served a purpose in the world. 


Blaming anyone does not solve the problem. Finding the cause of the problem and putting the cure into action changes people. We took our children out of school, homeschooled them, and taught them ethics, morals, health, and how to run their own businesses, being careful of any friendships or relationships. 


Those that are 35 and under have nothing to look up to, and the adults of this world somehow think their condition is their fault. Add to that all of the intentional bioweapons used on our youth, and these kids are supposed to be sane.


There are no mysteries to proper finances and managing your life in private. There is no more mysterious reason as to why adults are mentally ill. 


Monthly, we will focus on simple education to get your life back on track, out of fear, and ready for whatever comes your way. Moving into the private sector is the only option healthy people have.


People need simple, straight answers in order to turn off the hysteria, not lies!

The mental illness of the modern adult and or Human that is leaving our dimension depicted below.

Low Dose-High Vibe