Commitment to rebuilding your life Starts with Effective Learning Systems

UnGuru strongly suggests you start with Effective Learning Systems!
Oxidative Stress is the ignition to every disease and problem in our lives!
You do not need Gurus.
Start where you are and calm your mind.
Vow of Silence to gather your thoughts.
Tune out all Media and take a Digital Detox.
Set a time to make a schedule, vision board, a journal.
S.W.O.T. Your Life.


Return to your own Voice

Pledge a Digital Detox. Take the Two Week free Trial with Effective Learning Systems. Track Your Results daily.


Neurolinguistic Programming can be amazing or horrifying. Programming of any kind is very scary. 

As we have learned how detrimental frequency can be, that programming in media and music was the gateway to our own choices to destruct, we can now move forward to returning to our own voice, connection to our own creator. 

Trust is everything. None of us can afford to use anything that continues to poison our systems. We have to trust everything we are listening to due to knowing how frequency can destroy or restore. 

UnGuru has partnered with the best of the best. UnGuru only recommends Effective Learning Systems. This is a program that not only works but these programs are not weaponized.