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☑️ Tech Educations & Protection


☑️ Local in-home or remote repair


☑️ Best fully affordable, Apps, Tech products and devices


☑️ Tech clean up photos, videos, tapes, DVD’s, music.


☑️ Licensed, bonded – UnGuru Technology Professionals

Dump The Tech & Automate Your Life!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about proper technology use and education. A must is to use technology as little as possible with everything fully automated. 


How long will it take you to organize your technology? About two years. This means everything, including pictures, over the last 20 or so years. 


This means going slow and easy so you never have to be tied up again. How long will it take you to automate emails, ditch the phone, schedule tech use, find proper apps for full automation of life, make everything hack proof and the lowest emf-wifi poison? 


About six months, but once you are done, you are done. 


How long will it take to get rid of the addiction to tech? About 1.5 years. 


HEAVY prices to pay. for all the trouble we got ourselves into. Getting rid of addictions that were created for humans totally sucks! 


Think of it this way, if this technology is misused, it creates irreversible brain damage, cancers, and disease within the next five years from almost 25 years of full-blown bioweapons in these devices, 


what is regaining your life worth?